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Discover Yourself In A Whole New Way

Uncover your ethnic origins with our simple DNA test.

Gene2Know Ancestry

With your Gene2Know Ancestry kit, a simple saliva test is all you need to find your DNA Family, Ancestry Composition, and Primitive Roots





PGx – Psychiatric Medications & Mental Health – $299

A DNA test that guides your mental health care decisions based on your unique genetic profile.




PGx – Physiological Medication & Physical Health – $219

A DNA test kit that predicts negative medication side effects based on your unique genetic profile.

DNA Family
Ancestry Composition
Primitive Ancestry



Your Kit will Include: Saliva sample collection Prepaid Shipping Envelope Access to Ancestry Reports Mobile Phone G2K App

Access your reports
anywhere through the G2K App.

-Optimize Lifestyle Decisions

-Avoid Life-Threatening Drug Interactions

-Predict Harmful Side Effects

-Schedule Medication Reminders

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