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Gene2Know Reports

Getting Your Reports

Once you have the results from your G2K Saliva Test, you can run reports through our five Gene2know databases within the G2K Mobile App. Simply enter the medication, vitamin, or supplement you want to test. You will receive alerts based on your individual genetic profile signaling the likelihood of an adverse drug reaction as either low, moderate, or severe.

The 5 Databases:

  • Drug to Gene – Identifies potential reactions based on your unique genetic profile.
  • Drug to Drug – Identifies potential reactions based upon drug interaction with your other medications.
  • Drug to Allergen – Identifies potential reactions based on your allergies or sensitivities.
  • Drug to Illness – identifies potential ADRs based upon your reported medical conditions
  • Drug to Lifestyle – Identifies potential reactions based on your reported diet and lifestyle habits.

Currently, there are 57,000+ medications in our database which is constantly being updated with the latest research. Once you have your reports, you can securely share them with your healthcare providers, caregivers, or family members through the Gene2know Mobile App.

Prevention is the Best Medicine.

Pharmacogenomics will dramatically decrease your risks of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) based on your G2K genetic profile.  You will be alerted to any potential problems before you take them.

Customized reports at your fingertips.

With just a simple saliva test and a couple weeks of waiting, you are now able to tailor your medication and healthcare decisions directly to your unique genetic profile. With confidence and clarity, you can now create your ideal medication, vitamin, and supplement regimen- without experiencing the negative side effects.

Our Medicine Checker is super simple, easy and fast.

After a simple in-home, saliva-based DNA test, you can find out if a drug is the right one for you, in a matter of seconds, using our Mobile App. Then you can share this information instantly with your doctor. It’s simple: order the kit, spit in the tube, and you are on your way.