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Because we are living in the information age, it is implied that information is power. However, information alone does not guarantee making appropriate life decisions. Information is little more than scattered bits of data. Information only becomes powerful when it is understood and functionally applied. When information is understood and applied functionally, it becomes knowledge. General knowledge is readily available to everyone, especially through the internet. Specialized knowledge requires additional effort to acquire. The key to acquiring knowledge is to have as much information available as possible, and also have the ability to put it to use. An informed life is an examined life.

Genetics Are Unique

Unfortunately, most people live unexamined lives. This is not necessarily due to a lack of ability or desire. More often, it is simply not having enough information. A natural predisposition of man is to try and improve their lives, and considerable time, effort, and money are spent attempting to do so. When attempting to make important life decisions, some specialized knowledge is invaluable. General knowledge will often predict how decisions will affect most people. You are more interested in how decisions will affect you. When attempting to make important life decisions, you need to know as much about your true self and your unique make-up as possible. An excellent and accessible first step is to know what your own unique genetic code may reveal.

People respond differently to their environment because of their genetics. Their effort, desire, drives, and determinations are also important considerations but decisions made that are compatible with their genetics often determines the relative progress made. Over the past two decades, tremendous strides have been made in research and technology. In the past, genetic testing was prohibitively expensive. It was cumbersome and required a prescription, and offered little more than some basic information. Advances in research and technology have revolutionized genetic testing.

Easier & Faster

Genetic testing today provides faster, accurate, secure, and affordable access to unlock the secrets of your genetic profile. An easy, convenient, and painless saliva sample is all that is required to analyze your unique genetic profile. You will be able to understand your own unique reactions. Check medications, vitamins, and supplements compatibility with your lifestyle. This includes the reactions that you may have from mild to more dangerous, to the food, drink and anything else you consume. You can also explore your possible genetic links and sensitivities to certain diseases.

No More Bad Reactions

Your Gene2Know profile helps reduce adverse drug events (ADEs) from taking multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements. These ADEs present potential risks when taking new medications or supplements. The risks increase significantly when taking multiple medications for multiple conditions. You may also be casually taking multiple supplements. Although they may appear harmless, you can determine if they are appropriate for the medications you are taking, as well as your genetic profile. You can avoid wasting time and money on ineffective medications, vitamins, and supplements. Comparing them with your unique genetic profile, you can know BEFORE wasting money on them.

Experience the speed and convenience of the Gene2Know app and scanner providing instant access to your personal genetic profile* report from the screen of your own smartphone. The mobile app lets you scan products anywhere for relevant nutritional and compatibility information. The mobile app instantly compares over 50,000 medications, vitamins, and supplements for compatibility with your unique genetic profile. The app allows instant access to the extensive Gene2Know Pharmocogenomic (PGx) databases that are constantly being updated with the latest research findings.

If you are concerned about your diet and exercise, you can consistently and accurately track both your nutrition and your activities. Given the instability and confusion of the current healthcare system, there is no room for guesswork that may compromise your life decisions, and no need to settle for not knowing. Your life decisions become much more informed and far less arbitrary. Take control by staying informed about your unique genetic profile and any life decisions you are considering.

Put yourself on the cutting edge of science-based decisions by being better informed. Your personal genetic profile helps you optimize your time in the gym, on the track, or while making appropriate life decisions. You will be able to examine your own personal history and current lifestyle through the information obtained from your genetic profile. Finally, security measures are in place to ensure that all of your personal information remains absolutely secure and confidential.

*Requires purchase of G2K PGx medication report


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