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You’ve heard of, 23andMe, and maybe some other companies doing DNA testing. Gene2Know is different from all of these. Combining both the heritage and health factors of genetic testing, Gene2Know packages comprehensive reports of YOU, all within an easy-to-use mobile application.

An App That Does It All

The Gene2Know app is constantly updated with the most current reports and studies, so that the most informed choices can be made regarding your health. Not only does it provide to-the-minute information on 50,000+ products, it includes features that remind you to take your medications and track your movement and nutrition.

Pinpoints Your Intolerances

Gene2Know provides tailored reports on the foods, medications, and supplements that may cause certain adverse effects – before you consume them. By connecting your individual genetic profile with the Gene2Know database, you can easily identify potentially problematic substances. This feature prevents hospitalizations, healthcare costs, and even potential death from adverse drug reactions.

Access Your Results Anywhere

A valuable feature of the Gene2Know app is the ability to access your reports on-the-go. Whether you’re at the doctor’s office or the grocery store, it’s important to be aware of what you put into your body. You can you research any medication right on your phone, and Gene2Know’s online database is constantly updated to reflect new products.

Optimize Your Medication, Vitamins and Supplements

While you may not have problems with your current medications, introducing new ones may come with complications. Gene2Know takes your DNA test results and alerts you of any red flags to be aware of with regard to certain substances. The Gene2Know app can run reports on medication and point out any potentially negative interactions or allergic reactions. Sharing your test results with your doctor can also help to determine the optimal medications, supplement and vitamin regimen for your specific genes*.

Scientifically Validated Results – 4x Over

Gene2Know delivers results that re checked and re-checked on an ongoing basis by a team of medical doctors, pharmacists, and scientists. The rigorous process exceeds the industry standard, meaning that you get more accurate reports with less mistakes.

Data Security You Can Be Confident In

With personal security being more of a concern now than ever, Gene2Know is proactive in protecting your information and test results. To ensure your identity protection, the Gene2Know app never stores your genetic data on your mobile device*. In fact, the only way your personal identity information is linked to your genetic information is through a unique barcode identification system within the Gene2Know system.

Gene2Know combines the most-desired facets of other DNA test kits and so much more into one secure, convenient, and current mobile app. We provide a medication management platform that utilizes genetic testing and pharmacogenomics to give members DNA analysis in the convenience of a mobile application. We facilitate the reduction of adverse drug  events (ADEs) for the individual, with the capability of reducing overall hospitalizations and therefore health costs. Get your genes tested and eliminate the guesswork of living your optimized lifestyle.


*Requires purchase of G2K PGx medication report
**Note: There is a local encrypted database on the user’s phone