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If you haven’t gotten a DNA test by now, you probably know someone who has. While there are a lot of things these tests can tell you, there was probably one that stood out the most to you. Whether you got your DNA tested out of curiosity, fear, or just wanted to know a little more about who you are, there’s a good chance you fit into one of these 5 personas.

1. The Worriers

We’ve all met these types of people. They’re the ones who worry that they have every disease in the book, and fear that they will die from it tomorrow. This person gets a DNA test to confirm their fears about their health, whether they are proven true or false. The test is taken as an anxiety reliever and places their fears into the hands of the DNA tester.

2. The Health Nuts

When it comes to fitness fanatics, there are few who will turn down the chance to learn more about their health. This particular type of DNA tester is always looking to perfect their health and getting a profile of their genetic makeup is just one more way of doing that. Figuring out everything from food intolerances to dietary preferences, DNA tests are a great way to find the perfect supplement regimen for your individual body. Whether it be for vanity or general well-being, the DNA test serves as a tool for perfecting health and fitness.

3. The Drifters

This type of DNA tester is one that lives in the dark when it comes to their family history. Sure, they may know that their Mom is 10% German and their Dad mentioned he was Irish once, but they don’t really know the details. These people usually receive their DNA test as a gift and figure there’s no harm in sending it in.

4. The Legacies

This persona is one that takes their DNA test to confirm what they already think they know. Ironically, they are often the ones getting the shock of their lives after receiving their results. Some of the biggest surprises come from this DNA personality type, often with their stories making the news. The stories will usually start with “I’d always thought I was 100% *insert nationality*, but DNA testing showed me I am something completely different!”.

5. The Connectors

This final persona of DNA testers is one that views the test as a form of connection to others. Whether it be finding a long-lost cousin or discovering their great-great-grandfather was a famous actor, these people are primarily interested in learning about how they connect with others. These stories are also some of the most notable that make it into the news, with two best friends turning out to be brothers or a parent and child being reunited after years of separation.

While some of the results may interest you more than others, all of them have the potential to be beneficial in some way. Whatever type of DNA tester you may be, it can never hurt to get yours tested!