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A Blueprint For Children & Family Planning

When researchers questioned parents about their most important roles in the family, they overwhelmingly responded that the safety and security of their children was their primary concern. Food and shelter are integral parts of any responsible safety and security plan, but an important addition to any family defense plan should include healthcare. Providing services from basic First Aid to accessing specialist healthcare providers has been the typical standard of care for most families. However, with recent advances in research and technology, another level of care has become accessible and affordable. Over the past decade consumers have been able to acquire knowledge about the unique genetic history of both parents as well as the resulting genetic profiles of their children.

Today, the ready availability, affordability, and access to genetic profiles provides an additional higher level of protection to existing families. The testing also allows couples in the process of family planning to acquire valuable knowledge that was previously unavailable. An understanding of the genetic profiles of both parents, as well as the profiles of the children represents a significant addition to providing for the safety and security of your family. Tracking your family history back through your ancestors’ genetics provides a more comprehensive understanding of any susceptibilities and sensitivities to diseases and other conditions. A Gene2Know genetic profile can help illustrate your present and future family trends for your children and grandchildren.

Research studies have revealed a disturbing trend in healthcare over the past several decades. It has already been determined that people react differently because of their genetics. However, children are particularly sensitive to adverse drug events (ADE) that may result from taking multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements. Genetic profiles can illustrate possible interactions between unique genetic profiles and substances that could be harmful. Parents are better able to understand their children’s reactions from mild to dangerous sensitivities, due to substances they ingest. By being able to understand your children’s possible genetic links and sensitivities to diseases, you could be much better informed. Their unique genetic profiles contribute to their safety and security by putting parents on the cutting edge of genetic science. If responsible for a family with children, you have the ability to know BEFORE wasting time and money on inappropriate, ineffective, or harmful medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Before most healthcare providers see you, they typically want to know your history. Often, they want to be aware of your extended family’s history as well. A Gene2Know genetic profile* can provide unprecedented insights into the historical record. In the past, genetic testing was only available to very a select few. About ten years ago the technology advanced so that an easy, convenient, and painless saliva sample became all that is necessary to obtain a genetic profile. This sample collection method has overcome much of the resistance to genetic testing. The fact that all personal information remains absolutely secure and confidential, by being kept separate from the sample profile, helps to address any safety and security concerns.

Unfortunately, most people adopt a passive role when visiting healthcare providers. They are content to follow doctors’ orders without question. With the knowledge acquired from a Gene2Know genetic profile, you can become an active participant as part of your family’s treatment team. You may be tired of being left out of critical healthcare decisions. With the recent advances in research and technology, there is no need to settle for not knowing. Now, there is far less guesswork that could delay treatment. The additional information from the profiles allows healthcare providers to be more definitive and specific when diagnosing, prescribing, and treating. You have more control by staying informed about your family’s unique genetic profiles.

With active children, problems can develop at any time and any place. If questions should arise you can experience the speed and convenience of the Gene2Know mobile app and scanner instantly available on your smartphone. The mobile app allows instant access to the extensive Gene2Know Pharmacogenomics (PGx) databases. The databases are constantly being updated with the latest research findings for immediate answers. The app instantly compares over 50,000 medications, vitamins, and supplements for compatibility with your child’s unique genetic profile. You will have instant access to useful knowledge due to rapid advances in research and technology from your smartphone.The Gene2Know mobile app can also forward your information directly to your healthcare providers for faster, more accurate diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments. Together with this speed and convenience, proven safety and security measures ensure that all of your personal information remains absolutely secure and confidential.

*Requires purchase of G2K PGx medication report


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