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One of the most popular branches of healthcare in recent years has been anti aging medicine (AAM). The goals of AAM are as varied as the patients seeking treatment. For some, it is merely cosmetic. Plastic surgery is often sought after as a correction for years of accumulated wear and tear. From Botox and laser resurfacing to various implants to compensate for perceived flaws, the cosmetics industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The pursuit of cosmetic improvements can extend to the many gymnasiums, as well as fitness and wellness centers. There, AAM takes the form of bodybuilding, pilates, yoga, and other physical paths to recapturing youthfulness.

However, other patients are interested in changes in their lifestyles. As this typically reflects a more comprehensive AAM pursuit, they often seek as much information as they can gather about how to optimize their remaining years. This optimization is defined in terms of activity level, mobility, strength, independence, vitality, and more active participation in life. Regardless of the AAM plan attempting to recapture youth and hold back time, a reliable road map is necessary to avoid further loss of time and money. Progress with an AAM plan will vary relative to effort applied and time invested.


Your Genes Determine A Lot

Ultimately, people respond differently because of their genetics. Witnessing an extraordinary performance by an athlete might elicit a shrug of the shoulders, and the thought “wow, great genetics!” It is true that genetic potential is powerful. It may be a valuable ally or an unforgiving adversary. Knowledge of individual genetics can be an invaluable tool in any AAM plan. Part of this quest for optimization knowledge should involve obtaining a report of your own unique genetic profile. Your unique personal genetic profile can become an excellent, reliable template to help guide your anti-aging strategies.

The value and worth of personal genetic profiles exceed the price and cost of the testing. Today an easy, convenient and painless saliva sample is all that is necessary to obtain your unique genetic profile. The insights, information, and knowledge acquired from the profile is invaluable. Not only will you be afforded fresh details of your ancestral lineage, but also the previously hidden sensitivities and genetic predispositions you may have to diseases. Over the past two decades, researchers have found correlations between certain genetic patterns and the incidence of certain diseases. The work is ongoing and continues to reveal an increasing number of such correlations. However, once your genetic sample has been analyzed, it does not change. Your sample profile remains constant while new discoveries become available for comparison. Because of the rapid advances in technology and identification of genetic sensitivities, comprehensive databases are strongly recommended. The Gene2Know pharmocogenomic (PGx) databases are constantly being updated with timely, research-based information.

Optimize Your Diet, Exercise, & Lifestyle

Recent advances in genetic profiling allows convenient and affordable access to put yourself on the cutting edge of your AAM pursuits. You can analyze your own personal history and lifestyle and compare them to your unique genetic profile. Understanding your unique genetic profile helps you optimize your time spent in the gym, track, or living your informed, AAM life. You are probably tired of being disappointed after purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) medications or supplements that were ineffective or made you ill. Your unique genetic profile helps eliminate the guesswork that could waste time, money, and your health. With your genetic profile, you can know BEFORE wasting money on inappropriate an ineffective medications, vitamins, and supplements. The G2K Mobile App, when combined with a G2K PGx Test,  provides instant access to your personal genetic profile reports.

Those pursuing additional life-to-your-years, or years-to-your-life, are probably sensitive as to how their time is spent or wasted. Beyond the accuracy and insightful nature of the databases, time and timeliness are important considerations in AAM. The G2K mobile app provides instant access to your personal genetic profile reports. You can save time and energy by staying informed about your unique genetic profiles from the convenience of your smartphone. For any questions about your own personal history and lifestyle, you have instant access to the Gene2Know databases for immediate answers. Regardless of where you are, you can experience the speed and convenience of the mobile app and scanner. You have access to the mobile app at any time, day or night. The extensive PGx databases are constantly being updated as more medications and supplements are available on the market. Currently, you can instantly compare over 50,000 medications, vitamins, and supplements for compatibility with your profile, but also with your lifestyle. The convenient mobile app lets you scan products for relevant nutritional information and reveal possible interactions between multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements and your unique genetic profile. Your unique profile also helps reduce possible adverse drug events (ADE) from multiple medications, vitamins, and supplements.


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