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Home DNA tests have become a popular way to learn more about your personal health, or more specifically your family tree, disease risks, allergies, and even vitamin and supplement risks. What used to be a time-consuming and expensive luxury is now a simple, expedited process- requiring only your saliva and some money. So, what does the information from a DNA test do for you? Research shows that it might be more than you’d think.

Beware of Your Biomarkers

Before DNA tests, much of our personal health knowledge has been centered around experience. The majority of what we know comes down to what we’ve seen or felt, whether it be with ourselves or our family members. DNA tests change this, and give you concrete information to work with, providing you with a point of reference to monitor your personal health. Not only do you get a customized list of potential risks, you are also given suggestions on how to minimize them.

DNA tests from Gene2Know are particularly insightful in that they not only deliver detailed reports, they also provide personalized solutions based off of them. With the Gene2Know app, you are given your genetic profile for food allergies, intolerances, and even medication risks. This allows you to modify your lifestyle and minimize your risk of disease or other adverse reactions to the food or medicine that you may be consuming.

The Power of Prevention

The first step to preventing a problem is knowing that you have one. In many cases, DNA tests can detect genetic abnormalities before any symptoms appear. These are known as “preventative” or “pre-symptomatic” tests. These home DNA tests highlight the genetic predispositions that you may have for certain conditions. While this does not necessarily mean you will develop these diseases, it can certainly aid in your efforts to avoid them. Once you’ve learned about the triggers, you can actively implement measures to help to prevent these diseases. Risks of breast and ovarian cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and certain heart conditions are just a few of the things popularly tested for with home DNA tests. While improved diet and increased exercise are certainly good preventative measures, Gene2Know takes it a step further by recommending individually tailored supplements and vitamins.

Find Family Ties

One of the most fascinating things about home DNA tests is how your results tie in with your family history, whether you discover a lost ancestor or learn about your child’s genetic predispositions, DNA tests are a great way to actively understand the role your genes play for both you and your relatives.

DNA tests can also be particularly valuable for people who do not know much about their parents. While discussing your family’s medical history may not be a possibility, DNA tests can be incredibly useful in piecing together information about your medical profile.

All in All

In this day and age, technology has provided us with endless opportunities when it comes to health care. The insight provided by DNA tests far outweighs the cost of the test itself. This small investment toward your health can not only lessen your chances of developing disease, it can also optimize your current habits and bring you the highest possible quality of life.