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The G2K PGx Test Kit determines how you may respond to medications, based on your DNA.


The G2K PGx Test Kit determines how you may respond to medications. based on your DNA.

The G2K App

Our customers believe knowledge is power, and we agree. With the Gene2know mobile app, you now have the ability to make healthcare decisions with confidence and clarity.


  • Input any drug compatibility report to see if it’s right for you
  • Identify potential allergy, illness, or other medication conflicts
  • Enter any food to identify potential intolerances
  • Scan any medication, vitamin or supplement via barcode
  • Set reminders to take medication, vitamins or supplements
  • Monitor activity & exercise
  • Track food and macronutrients
  • Securely share your reports with health care providers
  • Constantly updated allergen, medication, food, and supplement database

The G2K APP is the world’s first comprehensive, interactive DNA mobile Application. With 57,000+ medications and counting, our databases provide the most up-to-date science to give you the most accurate results. Best of all- it’s free!

How it works

Step 1 - Order Your Kit

Step 1 - Order Your Kit

Select the DNA service or services you desire.

Step 2- Provide Your DNA Sample

Step 2- Provide Your DNA Sample

Provide your saliva sample with your G2K DNA kit

Step 3 - Get Results

Step 3 - Get Results

We analyze and decode your DNA sample and send you results.

What We Do

Gene2Know offers two personal genetic services: PGx and Ancestry. Both require a saliva sample which you send to us with your saliva collection kit.

After adding your medications, medical history, diet, and activity, you may then access your Gene2Know reports. These reports include your personalized: Drug-to-GeneDrug-to-Drug, Drug-to-Illness, Drug-to-Allergen, and Drug-to-Lifestyle interactions.

View your reports, schedule medication reminders, and so much more through the G2K mobile app.


Pain, Infectious Disease, Birth Control, & Much More


Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar, & Much More



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The G2K App

Our customers believe in having some control of their lives. They say that knowledge is power, and gene2know gives you everything you need to understand your unique DNA profile.  With your DNA profile, you will be able to make more informed health care and lifestyle decisions.  The G2K mobile APP puts the control in the palm of your hand!

What makes our G2K Mobile APP cool? Right from your phone or mobile device you can:

  • Scan a medicine, vitamin or supplement while you are at home or at the store.
  • Instantly run a G2K PGx report and find out if it will be appropriate for you.
  • See if it conflicts with any allergy, illness, or other medications you are taking.
  • Securely share your G2K PGx report with your health care providers.
  • Set reminders to take your medicine, vitamins or supplements.
  • Enter a food to find out if you are intolerant, according to your unique G2K PGx profile.
  • Your unique G2K PGX Profile will tell you this, and so much more!

The G2K APP is the world’s first comprehensive, interactive DNA mobile Application.


This application has been extremely useful in helping me to understand and manage my medications in order to make lifestyle choices that are the best for my health.
As a middle-aged woman in fairly good health, I was skeptical of the gene2know app since most of the medications that I take are vitamins and supplements.
“Gene2Know has truly changed my life- I no longer worry about my body responding badly to a new medication”
"Forgetting to take my medication has always been a problem for me. Since downloading the Gene2know app and using the medication reminder, I haven't missed a single dosage of my prescription!"


With over 57,000 medications in our database, you have the power to know which medications will be right for you within seconds.